GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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A.B.C.-BOOK INDONESIA - Beladjar Membatja. [title on front wrapper].
Soerabaia, G. Kolff, n.d. [circa], 1952 Small oblong 8°. Orig. wrappers, front wrapper coloured with title and indonesian alphabet in bold type, illustration at tail, stapled. [22]pp. being the indonesian alphabet in capital and smaller black type, related to names of animals, illustrated after original drawing, captions in indonesian at tails, table of number-counting, clock-reading instruction with both lating and roman numerals and some simple arithmetic, adding and detracting, multiplying, printed on lower outer wrapper. aN
An Indonesian languate AB-book, first classes indonesian primary school. Well preserved copy. (small puncture, skilfully restored however, throughout, NOT visibly touching text).

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 46463

ABBAS HASSAN, Pedoman menjelenggarakan Djenazah. 2nd. edn.
Djakarta, Bulan Bintang, 1963 sm.8°. orig.wraps. 117pp. Good copy. (lower right corners of upper-and lower wrap. clipped).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 39278

ABDULGANI, R[oeslan], Rentjana Mass Education. [Scheme for Mass Education of the Ministry of Information. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Kementerian Penerangan/Ministry of Information, 1950 sm. 8°. Orig. pict. col. wraps., recent string trhough spine. 89pp. Ills. on 8 plates after photographs, incl. some portrs., appendix, errata-slip bound-up, bi-lingual text, indonesian-english.
Extensive information on mass education in the new republic of Indonesia, by means of the establishment of a national and overseas radio organization. Appendix describes requirements for technical equipment, training of staff and employees, broadcasting educational and cultural programmes, five year project of radio indonesia, technical requirements of broadcasting organization in Indonesia, home and overseas transmitters,photographic materials, and a proposal to the United Nations Commission for Technical assistance on a Training-Centre for Educational Film & Radio. A very interesting call of the Indonesian Ministry of Information. Good copy. Rare.

EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 44167

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ABDURRAHMAN, H., Pengadaan Tanah Bagi Pelaksanaan pembangunan untuk kepentingan Umum. Cetakan pertama. [first edition].
Bandung, Citra Aditya Bakti, 1994 Original coloured limp wrappers. (viii), 110pp. Some tables, table of contents.
Public landownership, rules and regulations, rural development in Indonesia. Very good copy.

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 47623

ABOEHAKAR ATJEH, H., Sedjarah filsafat Islam. First edn.
Semarang, Ramadhani, 1970 sm.8°. orig.col. wraps. 163pp. Good copy.(lower margin, inside lower wrap with small spots).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 39302

ACEH WAR COMMEMMORATED- Perang Kolonial Belanda di Acen/The Dutch colonial War in Aceh. FIRST edn.
Banda Aceh, Pusat Dokumentasi dan informasi Aceh, 1977 sm.4°. orig.glazed pict.col. boards, pict. endpapers. 268pp. of bi-lingual text (English & Bahasa Indonesia), numerous plates, ills., portrs. also with bi-lingual extensive captions, bibliography, sources, index.
A pictorial history of the Dutch colonial war against Aceh, incl. a section on Acehnese Heroines; published to mark the one hundreth anniversary of the dutch declaration of war, March 26, 1873 against Aceh. Copies of this commemmorative volume are very difficult to obtain. Very good copy.

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 38899

ACHDIAT K. MIHARDJA, Atheis. Roman. First edn.
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1949 Orig. pict. wraps., 239pp. ["Balai Pustaka", No. 1725].

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 12036

ACHMAD, A.S. & S.S. ECIP, Kommunikasi dan Pembangunan. Disertai kata pengantar Astrid S. Susanto. Cetakan kedua. (second edition).
Jakarta, Sinar Harapan, 1985 Original limp wrappers. 188pp. Tables in text and full-page, table of contents, references at end of each chapter.
Modern communication in Indonesia, with special examples taken from leterary essays and contributions by a.o. Wskandar Alisjahbana, Santoso S. Hemijoyo, Alfian Rosihan Anwar, Basri Hasanuddin, Abdul Muis...Good copy. (some minimal occasional chafing to extremities of wrappers).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 47629

ADHYATMAN, S. & REDJEKI ARIFIN, Manik-Manik di Indonesia/Beads in Indonesia. 2nd.edn.
Jakarta, Djambatan, 1996 Square 8°. orig. glossy pict.coloured boards. (xvii),166pp. of bi-lingual text: indonesian/english. many col. ills., some plain diagrammes in text, bibliogr., col. sketch-maps printed on endpapers, table of contents.
One of the few monographs on the history, production and spread of beads across ancient and modern Indonesia, India,the eastern Mediterraneen,Chinese Han beads, incl. notes on their ceremonial value. Very fine copy, very difficult to locate.

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EUR 165.00

Book nr.: 45002

ADVERTISING - VOLKSLECTUUR [BALAI POESTAKA] - WELTEVREDEN - [A collection of three original promotional brochures published by VOLKSLECTUUR - Weltevreden, dutch colonial Indonesia].
Weltevreden, Volkslectuur, [Balai Poestaka], 1926 Tog. three original brochures.
I: "Verschenen de Monografie HET CHINEESCHE ZAKENLEVEN in NEDERLANDSCH-INDIË" (by J. Vleming). A-4 sized, three folded.[3]pp. of promotional text, table of contents and original subscription form, left blank, at very end. Royal Dutch State Coat-of-Arms printed in upper left corner at front.
II: Single sheet, small folio, printed recto/verso announcing the publication of :"INDISCHE ECONOMIE". With table of contents, subscription form, left blank, on verso at tail. Royal Dutch State Coat-of-Arms printed in upper left corner at reverse.
III: Original promotional flyer, 23.5x16cm, verso blank, printed in bold black type, announcing a remainder by the title "NEDERLANDSCH-INDIË", a plate-volume, price in dutch currency.
Two promotional brochures and a flyer as published by "Volkslectuur"/Balai Poestaka-Weltevreden. Very well preserved.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 46737

AËTIUS, Br., Kamus Djerman-Indonesia. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Obor, 1952 Small 8°. Orig. thin clothcovered boards. 140pp. Printed in double collumns.
Simple glossary German-Indonesia, old spelling by a german missionary stationed as a teacher ingerman language at Purwokerto, Java. Good copy. (binding a bit dustjy, some marking at lower outer joint near spine, signature and name of previous owner on f.e.p.).

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 46618

AFFANDI (1907-1990), The Biography of Affandi/Ikhtisar Ruwayat Hidup Affandi. Orig. edn.
S.I. [Yogykakarta], s.n. [Museum Affandi], s.d. [....], 1989 Small 8°. Orig. limp thin wrappers, stapled. [20]pp. of bi-lingual text,, english/indonesian, incl. 8 col. plates representing paintings by Affandi.
Concise biographical chronology of the famous Indonesian expressionist Affandi, with good quality coloured illustrations, published by the Museum Affandi, Yogyakarta. Fine copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 46018

AFFANDI DJUMAIN, Pengantar ethnologie (ilumu Bangsa-Bangsa). Orig. edn.
Jogja, U.P. Indonesia, 1955 Original wrappers. 156pp. Some text-ills. and figs., some tables in text, concise bibliography, table of contents.
Introduction to ethnology in Indonesia. (wrappers somewhat chafed at extremities and alongside outer joints, some dog-earing, modest rubber-stamped name of previous owner, PH. van Akkeren, in upper right corner of ti.-p.).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 47531

AGRICULTURE IN MODERN INDONESIA - Capita Selecta. Pengembangan dan Pembinaan kelompok Tani dalam intensifikasi Tanaman Pangan.
Jakarta, Bimas, 1980 sm.8°. orig.limp wraps. (vi), 326pp. concise bibliography.
Indonesian language inquiry into the need to intensify indonesian agriculture.

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- GEMILANG 175: Tropical Agriculture and Agro-Geology (2014.
EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 40003

AGUS DERMAWAN T. (curator), Tradisi dan Reputasi. Pameran Lukisan trdisional Bali 100 Tahun/Tradition and Reputation. Exhibition of 100 years of Balinese traditional paintings.
Jakarta, Bali Bangkit, 2006 Orig. limp coloured illustrated wrappers. 52pp. of partly bi-lingual text, indonesian/english. Many coloured text-ills., all with extra captions, illustrating balinese traditional paintings over a centenary period, ills. of balinese dance-masks, balinese wayang topèng masks and wayang kulit puppets, incl. some sponsoring advertism., name-list of oranizing committee members at very end.
Catalogue of a travelling exhibition of Balinese traditional painting from the last 100 years, balinese dance-masks, wayang topèng masks and wayang kulit puppets, as exhibited at Gedung CSIS, Jakarta, 21-26 June 2006; Museum Arma, Ubid, 14-23 July, 2006 and at Kampung Seni Kubu Bingin, Ubud, 12-23 July 2006, Topèng Bali and Wayang kulit Bali only. Out-of-Print. Very fine copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 46713

AGUS SUTOYO (editor), Seperempai Abad Perpustakaan Nasional 1980=2005. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Pewrpustakaan Nasional RI, 2006 4°. Buckram, title in gilt on front cover and spine, dustjacket. (v), 107pp. Many col. plates and ills, num. small coloured portraits on last two unnumbered lvs., table of contents.
Commemmorates 25 years of Indonesian National Library, incl. the removal from the old to modern premises. Published Not-for-the-Trade. Very fine copy, WITH dustjacket.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 46617

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