GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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AFRO-PAPUAN PROTEST SUBMITTED: Note of Protest from the Afro-Papuan Republic of West-Papua/West New Guinea/West Irian To: The Presedent of the XXIVth General-Assembly and the Secretary-Ge3neral of the United Nations Organizations New York City.
New York, The Freedom Committee of West Papua/Wst Newguinea, 1969 Folio. Original paper covers. Frontcover with title in large capital bold monochrome type, facsim. monochrome sketchmap illustrating the Island of New Guinea on front cover. {18] unnumbered pp. Some monochrome illustrations in text reproduced from newspapers, monochrome circular logo of the provisional State of West Papua at top margins, facsims. after newspaper contributions about the republic, 1 captionedmonochrome cartoon. WITH: JOUWE, Nicolaas (et. al., Executive Commitgtee West Papua), Memorandum to the Secretary-General of the Organisation of African Unity, Addis Ababa, from the Freedom Fighters of the Negroid People of West Papua/e New Guinea. January 1969.Folio. Stapled. 10pp. of english text printed on rectos only. Monochrome Provisional Stat2Two political memorandae of West Papua Logo printed at upper left corner of frontcover.
Two political memoranda submitted by the Provisional State of West Papua Executive committe addressing the United Nations New York and the Oerganization of African Nations, Addis Ababa, the Indonesian repression of the People of West Papua (formerly dutch territory of New Guinea), mass killings, denial of political, democratic and the right of selfdetermination in an independent Stae. Nicolaas Jouwe (1925) was a typical product of dutch colonial political education serving as Vice-President of the Dutch New Guinea Council, later joining the West Papua provisional State executive committee. Still of historic interest for the post secondworldwar Asoam decolonization and the Formation of New States. Good set.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 57073

AGRICULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS, COLONIAL INDONESIA - Berichten van de Afdeeling Handelsmuseum van de Koninklijke Vereeniging "Koloniaal Instituut"."De Indische Mercuur", 1923-1940.
Amsterdam, De Bussy, 1923- 1940 Small 8°. orig. printed wraps. stitched. Available: Nrs. 11; 16-66; 70-86; 88-122; 124-126; 128; 131-133; 137; 140; 142; 145; 147; 151; 154; 156; 160. WITH: Register op de Berichten Nos. 1 tot en met 150 van de afdeling Handelsmuseum [Koloniaal Instituut].1 part. sm.8°. orig.stiff wraps., title-label on upper wrap. [49]pp. of cyclostyled text (versos blank). Stapled. Tog. in 120 parts as orig. publ.(incl. register-part). All issues with text-ills, graphs. & statistics, for the greater part with english summaries.
This collection of communications on colonial Indonesian agriculture, as published by the Royal Association "Colonial Institute", Department of Trade-museum, describe recent crop-results, pests and pest-control, results from agricultural experimental stations in colonial Indonesia and supply a wealth of information on the subject-matter. Amongst the authors, mainly consultants to experimental stations, we find a.o.(:)W.Spoon, Cecile Rothe, P.A. Rowaan, C. van de Koppel, A. Diakonoff, C.J.J. van Hall... All communications originally published in:"De Indische Mercuur". With the always lacking register to parts 1-150(all publ.), published in a small edition only. (lacks in our series Nos. 1-10; 12-15; 67-69;87; 123; 127; 129-130; 134-136; 138-139; 141; 143-144;150; 152-153; 155; 157-159).

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EUR 540.00

Book nr.: 1013

AGUS DERMAWAN T. Puisi Warna ARIE SMIT. [Cetakan Pertama; First edition].
Jakarta, Jakarta, Yayasan Seni Rupa Aia, 1993 Medium 8°. Original limp glossy wrappers, covertitle in bold white type, with a coloured illustration after a painting by Arie Smit. (x). 134pp., of indonesian language text first 48pp., many captioned coloured plates reproducing paintings by Arie Smit on pp. 50-133, captions include dimensions of paintings shown, captioned monochrome illustrations including a portrait of Arie Smit, chronology of exhibitions. table of contents with on verso a portrait of the artist in his studio. About Arie Smit see: HAKS/MARIS, p. 247.
Indonesian language catalogue illustrating the Neka museum collection of paintins by Arie Smit: (1916-....) is now the most famous living foreign artist in Indonesia, amongst other thins the initiator of the "Group of young Artists" (on Bali); following the footsteps of Walter Spies, W.G. Hofker, R. Bonnet, Sonnega, Meier, Blanco ( Very good copy.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 54909

AGUS SUTOYO (editor), Seperempai Abad Perpustakaan Nasional 1980=2005. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Pewrpustakaan Nasional RI, 2006 4°. Buckram, title in gilt on front cover and spine, dustjacket. (v), 107pp. Many col. plates and ills, num. small coloured portraits on last two unnumbered lvs., table of contents.
Commemmorates 25 years of Indonesian National Library, incl. the removal from the old to modern premises. Published Not-for-the-Trade. Very fine copy, WITH dustjacket.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 46617

AHERN, George P. (Capt.), Compilation of Notes on the Most Important Timber Tree species of the Philippine Islands. Orig. edn.
Manila P.I., Forestry Bureau, 1901 Orig. gilt lettered cloth, circular gilt tooled logo of the Bureau on front boards. 112pp. Many col. ills. of species on 43 plates with captions: latin and local names, tables (classifications), index.
A classified list of the most important Philippine timber-species. Good copy. (three spots on front boards, some occasional offsetting of plates on opposite p.).

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 44944

AIDIT (Ahmad, 1923-1965), Aidit accuses Madiun Affair. (D.N. Aidit;s defence plea at the trial in the Jakarta State Court on February 24, 1955). [First edition].
Djakarta, Djajasan Pembaruan, 1955 Small 8°. Original wrappers, stapled. Front cover with portrait and whity bold covertitle. 43pp. Captioned monochrome portrait of Aidit, explanatory note at rear endexplaining why the trial has strengthened the Communist Party of Indonesia.
Aidit was educated under dutch colonial rule of Indonesia. Though a marxist Aidit submitted to Sukarno's "Marhaenism" policy and allowed the party to grow without any overt intentions to power. In return for his support to Sukarno, he rose to to the position of Secretary-General of the PKI. In 1955 Aidit was questioned before a court about the so-called Madiun affair (1948) triggered by the demobilisation of popular militia. Its quashing was a major blow to the communist party. Very good copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 56153

AIDIT, D.N.(1923-1965), Problems of the Indonesian Revolution. First edn.
S.L.[Djakarta], Demos, 1963 thick 8°. orig. cloth, pict. col. dj. 612pp. frontisp.(portr.).
Theory and Practice of the Indonesian Revolution, The Road to People's Victory. D.N. Aidit, the chairman of the Indonesian Communist Party P.K.I., was killed during the instable political situation at the time of the notorious 1965 Purge (30 September-coup and counter-action that led to the Suharto administration that lasted some 30 years:"Orde Baru".). Good copy. Very rare.

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 36149

AITTON, D., Nederlandsch Oost- en West-Indië ten dienste van het Onderwijs. Tweede [herziene] Druk [Second [revised] edition].
Grpmomgem. Noordhoff, 1889 Small 8°., recent private cloth, new endpapers. [4]pp. of publ.notice and preface. 141pp. With comparative statistical information of physical areas and census between The Netherlands and the East- and West Indian dutch colonies, table of contents, publ. advert. on final unnumbered leave. NOT called-for in Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Dutch language textbook in which information is supplied on the Dutch East- and West Indies (colony of Surinam, Curaçao and dependencies), e.g. physical geography and area, flora and fauna, mineral deposits, indigenous population groups, dutch civil administration and government and so-called pecularities. Rare. (contents browning, NO brittleness however, on-going fairly large brown stain to centre folds of each page).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 50428

AKEN, A.PH. VAN, Nota betreffende de afdeeling Koerintji (:Residency Djambi); L.C. WESTENENK, De Minangkabausche Nagari.
Semarang-Soerabaia-'s-Gravenhage, 1915 Wraps., (vi), 193pp., with errata-leaf. 2 parts in 1. With a large folded col. map, tables in text & full-p. "MEB, afl. VIII."

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 601

AKIMOTO, S., Family life in Japan.
Tokyo, 1937 Small 8°, orig. limp wraps., col. ills. on upper wrap., 86pp., col. frontisp., many text-ills. & plates. ["Tourist Library", 17].

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 12002

AKKERMAN, P.(introd.), Sale Exhibition of the Buzaglo Collection of fine Netsuke (comprising 545 items collected in Japan between 1950-1960), 29th November-21st. December 1985.
Amsterdam, Aalderink, 1985 sm.folio. orig. limp pict. glossy wraps. 52pp. of preface, introduction and technical description of all Netsuke offered for sale, glossary at very end.
A lavishly illustrated Sale-exhibition as held at Aalderink Oriental Art, Amsterdam. Fine copy. (name-stamp in upper right corner of ti.-p.).

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 40907

AKKERSDIJK, M.E., Caldera of the Tengger-Mountain [Java]. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Buitenzorg, "Archipel", 1929 Small 8°., original printed wrappers, stapled. 12pp. 2 diagrams in text of which one featurings development of the caldera, fold sketchmap of Tengger Mountain (bound upside down). ["Fourth Pacific Science Gongress Java 1929", Excursion E 2].
English language excursion guide distributed amongst participating scholars attending the Fourth Pacific Science Congress Java 1929. Good copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 51802

AKMAL, Imelda, Indonesian Architecture [First edition; Cetakan Pertama].
Jakarta, Borneo Publications, 2008 Large 4°. Original cloth, bold silvered title on front cover and spine. Dustjacket. 240pp. of general text in english and indonesian by which the origin and importance of modern Indonesian ex.- and interor architecture is described, cincluding numerous coloured plates and illustrations illustrating modern indonesian Architecture, including interior design with expert descriptive texts to plates and illustrations, , monochrome ground-plans added to full-page coloured plates, errata slip loosely inserted. ["now 2"].
Ample detailed indonesian and english language survey of modern indonesian architecture, both exterior and interior design, listing and describing 29 new projects in the last four years. Very fine copy, WITH DUSTJACKET.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 55981

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