GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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BENTHEM JUTTING, W.S.S. VAN, Kulit Lokan Seni dan Kebagusan Indonesia.
Djakarta-Surabaia, BBI, 1952 4°. Cloth, original dj., 10pp. of introd. & extensive descriptions to the plates, coloured frontisp. tipped-in, 64 ills. on 32 plates o.o.t. with scientific names in Latin printed at foot of plates.
Nice photo account on Indonesian shells, with clear photos. (see also (Rustami Djajadiredja.)

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 990

BENTHEM JUTTING, T. VAN, Indisch Dierenleven.
Baarn, Bosch en Keuning s.n.[circa], 1935 Small square 8°. orig.wraps. 30pp., 17 mainly large text-ills. ["Libellen-Serie", Nr. 37].
Popular account on the fauna of Indonesia, incl. a chapter on domestic animals & the spread of animals across the archipelago. Fine copy.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 9484

BENTON, Gregor & Hans VERMEULEN (editors), De Chinezen. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Muiderberg, Coutinho, 1987 8°. Original stiff thin coloured and illustrated wrappers. 195pp. Captioned monochrome illustrations on plates, facsims. after original old photographs and archivalia, appendices (complarative tables), comparative tables in text, bibliography, 2 sketch-maps on a plate: Eastern China, Hong Kong incl. New Territories, list of useful addresses, synopsis on lower outer covertable of contents.
Dutch language scholarly investigation into the socio-economic, political and cultural position of migrant chinese ethnic minority group in the Netherlands, e.g.: Migrants directly from Eastern China and Hong Kong (incl. New Territories), migrant chinese from the former Dutch colony of Indonesia, chinese youths from the former dutch territory of Surinam (Guyanas), and the "Hoa", chinese refugees from Vietnam. Assesments are given about backrounds of chinese migration to the Netherlands from a historic point of view, Chinese politics to migrant chinese, Man-Lineage, preservation of chinese culture in a foreign country. Contributions by Gregor Benton, Bart Zeven, Frank Pieke ( After Van Heek's fundamental study (1938) an important modern study with hitherto unpublished data. Very fine copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 54837

BERCKEL, G.J.A. VAN, Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis van het Europeesch opperbestuur over Nederlandsch Indië 1780-1806. [Original thesis [Leyden University].
Leiden, Van doesburgh, 1880 Original printed wrappers. (viii), 215pp. Footnotes/references .
Dutch language scientific investigation into the characteristics of Dutch colonial rule and civil administration of the Dutch East Indies, 1780-1806 when europe was in political turmoil. (wrappers a bit soiled, somewhat dog eared).

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 993

BERETTY, D.W.(Preface), [Gedenkboek] ANETA (Algemeen Nieuws en Telegraaf Agentschap). Van 13 Momenten uit een 13-jarig bestaan, 1917-1930. [Eerste en enige druk;. First and only edition].
S.I. ., [Weltevreden], Aneta, [....], 1930 Small 4°. Original limp glossy wrappers, covertitle in bold black type. 141, [3]pp. Numerous captioned monochrome illustrations on plates and in text, of which one double-page being a topographical view of Aneta Head-office with surroundings at Batavia city, 1 double-page plan of Aneta offices at The Hague, the Netherlands, with legenda, conclusion at rear end on [3]unnumbered leaves, including the report submitted by the Aneta Inquiry commitee, including list of member's nbames, its objectives and the report about handling public complaints over 13 years. table of contents. NOT called-for in holdings Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Dutch language Commemmorative volume celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Dutch East Indies Press-Agency ANETA, established in 1917 by D.W. Beretty, Director and Chief-editor, in 1917. With together 13 contributions about the most important events in its relatively short life. pp. 104-144 is an official report submitted by the Public Complaints committee, implemented by colonial public law. Copy partly prined on fine art paper. Supplies still important information about Press and reporters in per-war Dutch East India. Good copy. (copy a bit dog-eared, library stamp on front cover, lower outer cover skilfully laminated due to damage to front edge, NOT touching illustrations however).

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 55284

BERG, C.C., & M. PRAWIROATMODJO (collaborator), Prånåtjitrå. Een Javaansche Liefde. Translated from the original Javanese. Orig. edn. (thus).
Santpoort, C.A. Mees, 1930 Stout small 8°, cloth, 360pp., front., 9 plates, footnotes, annotations to translation at very end.
Translation the original classical Javanese story "Prånåtjitrå" situated under Sultan Agung (1613-1645) after the suppression of the rise by Pali (residence Japara). Fore-edge uncut. (fore-edge foxed).

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EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 998

BERG, C.C., Bijdrage tot de kennis der Javaansche werkwoordsvorment.
Den Haag, Nijhoff, 1937 recent wraps. 390pp. Footnotes, extensive register of javanese words, list of abbreviations and citations, 4 fold. linguistic diagrams at very end. ["BKI", 95].
Javanese verbs and her variations. A still important study on javanese linguistics. Good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 42802

BERG, C.C., De Problematiek van het Bahasa Indonesia-experiment. [Originele uitgave/Original edition}.
Groningen-Djakarta, J.B. Wolters, 1951 Original printed wrappers, stapled. 36pp. Some diagrams in text, footnotes/references at very end.
Dutch language inaugural address delivered at Amsterdam Municipal University, tackling problems occurring whilst introducing Bahasa Indonesia as a lingua franca in the Republic of Indonesia, replacing common malay as spoken under dutch colonial rule. Good copy.

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EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 51934

BERG, C.C., Herkomst, vorm en functie der Middel-Javaanse Rijksdelingstheorie. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitgevers Maatschappij, 1953 Stout large 8°., original printed limp wrappers. 306pp. Footnotes/references, register of personal names and extraordinary words, survey of topics dealt with in notes, list of abbreviations used, publ. list on both sides of lower outer cover, table of contents. ["Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afdeling Letterkunde", Nieuwe reeks Deel LIX]..,
Detailed dutch language assessment of early Hindu-Javanese historiography, origin, form and function of Middle-Javanese Principalities, which is preceded by a study of the origin of Hindu-Javanese historigraphy as originally presented in an early javanese historiography, Ms. "MAWL-NR 14, 121 sqq., requiring an analysis of Javanese political structure followng the death of Airlangga (Çailendra era). Very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 50925

BERG, C.C., Het Rijk van de vijfvoudige Buddha. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitgavers Maatschappij, 1962 Large stout 8°. Original limp glossy wrappers with covertitle. 345pp. Extensive footnotes/references, list of personal names and extraordinary words, list of citations and/or texts listed, subject index to notes, abbreviations used, scheme of chapters, table of contents. publ. list on both sides of lower outer cover. ["Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afd. Letterkunde", Nieuwe Reeks-Deel LXIX-No. 1].
Dutch language detailed scholarly investigation into the origin, history, mysticism and mythology of the ancient Javanese Kingdom of "Majapahit" and its Rulers. Investigative research of old Javanese epic poems, including both most important ones: the 'Kakawin's' and the 'Kidung's', e.g.: Nagarakertama interpretations, the founder of Majaphahit as the 'Erlangga' in his time, Genealogy and chronology of the Kapaneatatthagatan, the past as prelude, dynasty and [Buddhist] mhystery. Very fine copy.

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EUR 140.00

Book nr.: 53882

BERG, C.C., Het Javaanse gebruik van het Sanskrit woord RAJASA. Offprint from:"BKI", Vol. 114-1/2.
's-Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, [....], 1958 8°. Original limp wrappers, stapled. 16pp. Extensive footnotes/references.
Dutch language paper investigating the linguistic implication of the Sanskrit word Rajasa as a javanese substitute for the name Angrok, dound in the Angrok-story, for the first time remarked by J.L.A. Brandes, approx. 1888. Fine copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 53893

BERG, C.C., Kidung Sunda. Inleiding, tekst, vertaling en aanteekeningen. Publ. in "BKI", vol. 83. [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
S.I. ['s-Gravenhage], s.n. [Martinus Nijhoff], 1927 8°. Modern paper front cover, original lower outer cover preserved. 161pp. Extensive footnotes, references, printed marginalia, XVIIpp. of minutes KITLV Board of Directors and Members' general meeting 1926-1927, publ. list on lower outer cover.
Original Middle-Javanese text (romanized), translated into dutch, annotated with author's notes of the Kidung Sunda: a 14th century Kidung of of probable Balinese Provenance. In this poem the story of King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit who was looking for a bride to be, is narrated. At last he chose the princess of Sunda, a Kingdom in West Java. The princess' name remains undisclosed, however she corresponds to Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi in Pararaton. Hayam Wuruk's grand vizier Gajah Mada betrayed his king and rejected his choice, as Sunda was merely a vassal state. An important ancient piece of literature. Good copy. Original japanese impunding stamp from the Library of Prof. Duyvendak. (front cover replated by a modern one, s;pine with a modern cloth strip).

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 55991

BERG, C.C., Maya's Hemelvaart in het Javaanse Buddhisme. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam-Oxford-New York, Noord-Hollandsche Uitgevers maatschappij, 1969-1980. Tog. 2 parts in 3 vols. Large 8°., original glossy limp wrappers, front wrappers illustrated in colour with matching dustjackets. 735; 198pp. Lists of abbreviations used, personal- and place-names, key to citations in general text, tables of contents, english summary, registers, notes to text and so-called "Bijlagen" (appendices). ["VKA", Nieuwe Reeks, LXXIV-No. 1, 2; vol. 102].
[vol.] I A:Lalitawistara Traditie op Java; I B: Hoofdnoten, Bijlagen, Summary, Registers; II: Prapanca's Verhaal over het Ritueel van 1284 Çaka. In the Realm of the five-fold Buddha's...the main argument was that, according to the Buddhist scholars, the Javanese Kings of the period 1174-1400 Çaka whose residence Singhasaripura('Buddha-town') and of the Eternal Buddha in His Pancatathagata aspect. These five Kings embodying the five Jinas (dhyani-buddhas) ruled in succession; since buddhist theories that the life of every earthly Buddha is a copy of his predecessor's life, the five Kings of Singasarapura and Majapahit are uniform as to their reigns, achievements, family relations, etc. Original old-javanese texts, Lalitawistara tradition on Java, translated, annotated and commented by author. Still an important publication on the subject. Good complete set, of which vol. II is generally NOT present. With original dustjackets. (some light occasional fraying to spine-ends and extramities of dustjackets, due to shelving).

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EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 47037

BERG, C.C., Poëzie der herscheppende wetenschap. Beschouwingen over Taalevolutie. Rede gehouden op de 474ste Verjaardag van de Leidse Universiteit (8 februari 1949).
Groningen-Batavia, J.B. Wolters, 1949 Original wrappers, stapled. 56pp. Footnotes/references at margins and at very end, comparative tables in text.
Dutch language speech held on the occasion of 474th. Diës, Leiden University, reflectiing on general philology, philosophy and phonology of western languages compared with austronesian languages as Indonesian, Javanese, Tagalog, etc. Good copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 51959

BERG, C.C., Kidung Pamançangah. Critisch uitgegeven. [De geschiedenis van het Rijk van Gelgel, title on hftitle].
Santpoort, Mees, 1929 Original printed boards, 115pp., ["Javaansch-Balische Historische Geschriften", No.1, Kirtya Liefrinck-v.d. Tuuk, Singaradja).
Chronicle of the kingdom Gelgel (Java-Bali. Scarce. (ex-lib. stamp on hf-title).

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EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 997

BERG, E.J. VAN DEN, Adatgebruiken in verband met de sultansinstallatie in Boeton.
Offpr. from: "TBG, vol. LXXIX-nr. 4 (1939)." Wraps. (pp.469)-528. 16 ills. on 2 plates.
Customary-law & the installation of a Sultan of Buton.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 1001

BERG, E.J. VAN DEN[] Mededelingen uit de verslagen van E.J. van den Berg, Taalambtenaar op Buton 1936-1941.
's Gravenhage, 1945 Offpr. from: "BKI, vol. 110-pt. 2." Wraps., (pp.154)-186.
On the linguistic studies of the Wolio-language, as spoken on Buton.

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EUR 5.00

Book nr.: 1002

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