GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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Adriani, N. & M. ADRIANI-GUNNING (Editor), Bare'e verhalen. Opgeteekend door Dr. N. Adriani. Voor de uitgave bewerkt door M. Adriani-Gunning. [Eerste en enige druk; First and only edition].
's-Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1932- 1933 2 vols. Large stout 8°. Original printed wrappers. (viii0, 427; (xi), 247pp. List of abbreviations used, supplementary notes and corrigenda, register to both volumes.
A collection of 150 classic stories and tales in Bareé language (in latin script), collected from oral sources by a dutch protestant missionary who worked an extended time amongst the Bare'e speaking Toraja from Central Sulawesi. Compiled, edited and translated into dutch by M. Adriani-Gunning in volume II. Still an important and authentic source illustrating Toraja mythology, religious thought and folklore. Good set. (a bit dog-eared, spine of volume 2 with a modern narrow cloth strip).

EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 53841

ADRIANI, N. & M.L. ADRIANI(Née Gunning), Hoofdstukken uit de Sprakkunst van het Tontemboansch naar aanteekeningen en mededeelingen van den heer J. Alb.T. Schwerz en anderen.
's-Gravenhage, Nijhoff, 1908 orig.wraps. 25pp. Footnotes and [1]pp. of suppl.notes at end.
Grammatical description, mainly based on previous publications and notes of J.A.T.Schwarz, a.o., Chapters deal consecutively with the phonemic system, word reduplication, numerals, verbs, suffixes and pronouns. An annotated and critical bibliography of studies on the Tontemboan language is included (1848-1908). Good copy.Rare. (light dog-earing).

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EUR 215.00

Book nr.: 38895

ADRIANI, N & Alb. C. KRUYT, De Bare'e sprekende Toradjas van Midden-Celebes. (De Oost-Toradjas). Tweede geheel omgewerkte druk door A.C. Kruyt [Second completely revised edition by Alb. C. Kruyt].
Amsterdam, Noord-Hollandsche Uitgevers Maatschappij, 1950- 1951 3 text-vols., large stout 8°., late volume, large 8°. Tog. bound in matching cloth, gilded bold type titles on covers and spines. AND: Folio-sized Atlas. Original qtr. clothbacked printed boards, with ties preserved. Tog. 5 vols. (xii), 478; (viii, 557; (viii), 484pp. Occasional monochrome figures in text, detailed list of literatur referred to, extensive registers of subject and personal names, glossary toraja language-dutch listing names of trees and plants at end of vol. III. Photo-plate atlaspreceded by 11pp. descriptive text to illustrations, 159 captioned monochrome illustrations after original field photographs on [52]pp., featuring traditional toraja architecture, means of transport, indigenous individuals in traditional clothin (Men, women, children, priests, sorcerers)g, household utensils and implements, hunting-and fishing gear, local protestant churches in toraja architecture, etc.. Folio-atlas with 1 large colured extending topographical map, 1: 164.000 featuring Posso and Laa rivers basin with legenda and keys, 1oher exending map, coloured in the outlines featuring Central Sulawesi; numerous coloured and monochrome ethnographical illustrations on 13 full-size plates captioned at tail of each plate, featuring Toraja traditional geometrical design, hunting-and fishing gear, basketry, weapons and grips of weapons, pieces of traditional cloth and barkcloth, household implements, ec. . "Verhandelingen van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Akademie van Wetenschappen", Nieuwe reeks, vol. LIV, LV, LVI, no. 1-2].
Ample detailed dutch language multi-disciplinary standard work about the Bare'e speaking Toraja from Central Sulawesi, compiled by two dutch [consertavive] protestant missionaries wo worked life-long in the region. A masterly and usurpassed massive study. Very fine clothbound set. Rare.

EUR 850.00

Book nr.: 55682

ADRIANI, N., Sangireesche Spraakkunst. Orig. edn.
Leiden, A.H. Adriani/Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap, 1893 sm. 8°. Orig. printed wraps, (viii), 284pp. Footnotes, table of contents, list of abbreviations used.
Grammar of the language as spoken on the Sangir, or Sangihe Island-group, dutch colonial Indonesia, incl. comparative notes on the grammar and vocabularies of Miindanao-group, N. Philippines. Compiled by a dutch reformed missionary by command of the Dutch Bible Society, NBG (Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap). Good uncut copy. Scarce. (small portion of papered spine gone at tail).

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EUR 245.00

Book nr.: 44306

ADRIANI, N.(Compiler) & M. ADRIANI-GUNNING (editor), Bareé Verhalen. [eerste, enige druk/first and only edition].
's-Gravenhage, Nijhoff, 1932- 1933 2 vols. Stout large 8°., oritinal private cloth, original printed wrappers laid-down on front covers. (viii), 427; (xi), 247pp. List of abbreviations used, register to both volumes, supplementary notes and errata.
A collection of together 150 Folk-stories of the Bareé speaking Toradja from Central Sulawesi. Collected by N. Adriani, a long-term dutch reformed missionary to the Toraja, edited and posthumously published by his wife N. Adriani-Gunning. Volume I: Stories in Bareé language (latin script); volume II: dutch language concise free translation of each story, including a register covering both volumes. A still very important publication. Very good copy. Scarce. (f.e.p.'s a bit discoloured).

EUR 345.00

Book nr.: 49410

ADRIANI, N., De Zending in Midden-Celebes."Onze Eeuw", (Sept. 1908).
Amsterdam, N.B.G., 1909 Small 8°, wraps., 49pp.
A concise descr. of dutch missionary achievements in Central Sulawesi (Toraja-country), by a missionary who worked for an extended time at Poso.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 579

ADRIANI, N., Toradjasche Vertellingen (tweede reeks). Separated from:"TBG", vol. LI, parts 3-4.
Batavia-'s-Hage, Aklbrecht-Nijhoff, 1910 8°. Modern private cloth, new endpapers. pp.195-340. Tootnotes/references, errata.
Collection (2nd. series) of Toraja folktales, riddles and other stories, annotated, noted after oral sources and compikled by N. Adriani, a dutch conservative protestant missionary who worked for an extended time amongst the Toraja of Central Sulawesi. Very good, untrimmed copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 54580

ADRIANI, P., Herinneringen uit en aan de Chineesche Districten der Wester-Afdeeling van Borneo 1879-1882. Schetsen en Indrukken.
Amsterdam, s.n. (circa), . 1890 Small 8°, gilt lettered cloth, 290pp.
Excellent observations by a medical officer covering the Chinese regions on Borneo over a period of 3 years: Singakawan, Montrado, Sambas, incl. at the end a description of North Borneo (British) during the early stages of the first exploration of Borneo. Rare. (bds. somewh. shaved on extremities, some spots on upper bds.)

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 585

ADVERTISING - TOKO "ANGGOER NJONJA" 1917-1937 - Toko "Anggoer Njonja", 1917-1937. [Original commemmorative flyer].
Batavia-Stad, Toko "Anggoer Njonja", 1937 Original limp paper Ink blotter with calendar January-March 1937, 24x13cm., title printed in bold red type at top margin with chinese character title in black type at very top margin, calendar January-March 1937 printed in bold black type below title.
Original almost unused limp paper Ink Blotter, published by a Chinese merchant at Batavia-Stad (Batavia Centre), commemmorating her 20th anniversary, distributed amongst female [european] clientèle. A nice piece of ephemeric advertising. Very well preserved.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 50938

ADVERTISING SOUVENIR DUTCH EAST INDIES - Gezichten uit Nederlandsch Indië. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, Amsterdamsche Maatschappij van Levensverzekering, s.d. [circa], 1909 sm. oblong 8°. Orig. stiff col. decorated limp wraps, fairly large rectangular illustration on front wrapper. Stapled. [4]pp. of text, being name-lists of board of directors and commissioners, full-p. table indicating raise of financial turn-over, period 1873-1907, with promotional text printed on verso: why to take a life-insurance policy, 15 photogravure- plates (on versos only), with captions at tails in dutch.
Promotional album published by the Amsterdam Life Insurance Co. Text supplies information on the company: names of directors, subsidiaries in colonial Indonesia and her agents, tables listing company's financial development from 1892 to 1908. Plates depict. striking landscape sceneries and famous building in various indonesian cities. A very nice copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 42854

AERNSBERGEN, A.J. VAN (S.J.), De Katholieke Kerk en hare Missie in de Minahasa. Separated from:"BKI".
S.I., s.n., [circa], 1925 Later private brown paperbacked blank wrappers. pp. [8]-55. Extensive footnotes/references, appendices, appendices I-IV: comparative statistics of total number of Roman Catholics in the Minahasa (in chronology), private catholic schools, native students at the school for paedagogic training at Wolanda and Hospital of the Congregation Sisters J.M.J. (Jesus-Maria-Joseph) at Tomohon, at rear end. ["Uit en over de Minahasa", III).
Dutch language inquiry by a Roman-Catholic Priest, a survey of Roman-Catholic missionary work and progress in Minahasa province, Sulawesi. Very good, untrimmed copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 52120

AFFANDI (1907-1990), Tentoonstelling van werken van AFFANDI onder auspiciën van het Hoge Commissariaat van Indonesia: Zaterdag 6 September-Zaterdag 27 September 1952. [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
[s-Gravenhage, Galerie Loujetzki, 1952 Small 8°. Original wrappers, stapled. Covertitle in bold black type with Indonesian State Coat-of-Arms ullustrated at top. [10]pp. of preface, introduction and descriptive catalogue, incl. 5 captioned monochrome plates after paintings and drawings by Affandi, descriptive catalogue of 52 paintings and drawings exhibited, notice at rear end that prices are available on request only. Preface by Mr. Susanto Tirtoprodjo, representative of the Republic of Indonesia in The Netherlands. ["Kunst van onze tijd"].
Dutch language catalogue of an exhibition kept at Gallery Loujetzky, The Hague featuring paintings and drawings by AFFANDI. An interesting catalogue. Good copy. Rare. (front cover with some staining).

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EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 53305

AFFANDI (1907-1990), The Biography of Affandi/Ikhtisar Ruwayat Hidup Affandi. Orig. edn.
S.I. [Yogykakarta], s.n. [Museum Affandi], s.d. [....], 1989 Small 8°. Orig. limp thin wrappers, stapled. [20]pp. of bi-lingual text,, english/indonesian, incl. 8 col. plates representing paintings by Affandi.
Concise biographical chronology of the famous Indonesian expressionist Affandi, with good quality coloured illustrations, published by the Museum Affandi, Yogyakarta. Fine copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 46018

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