GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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ABOETARI, De verhouding van de Koloniale tot tot de theoretische Economie. [Original doctoral dissertation Rotterdam Trade Academy].
Rotterdam, Frank Bosman, 1932 8°. Original printed limp wrappers. 211pp. Some comparative tabhles in text, footnotes/references, errata leave loosely inserted, table of contents.
Du8tch language doctoral dissertation by which promovendus researches and comares and assesses theories about [western] economic thought with Colonial economic thought in general and especially of the Dutch East- and West Indian Colonies. Good copy. (small marginal tear in lower outer cover skilfully restored, small library ticket at tail of spine, small ownership's stamp at tail margin of ti.-p.).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 54840

ABRAHAMS, R.A.M. [Publ. Manager]. MOESSONLogeeradressenservice '95-'96 Indonesië en Maleisië. [Eerste druk; Fiurst edition].
Amersfoort, Moesson/Tjalie Robinson, 1995 Medium 8°. Original limp wrappers. Frontcover with company name in capital bold white type at top margin, coloured impages of traditional indonesian batik pattern design at tail. large coloured Indonesia State Coat-of-Arms representing the 5 pillars of diversity in centre of lower outer cover. 118pp. Captioned monochrome images after photographs illustrating indonesian environmental sceneris, table listing average rents for Guest houses, lodgings and . B. & B's, colophon, table of contents.
16th dutch language annual survey listing guest houses, Bed-and-Breakfast and other forms of somple lodgings recommended to travellers and tourists visiting Indonesia, all with modern forms of communication. Rather detailed descriptions are given, incl. sightseeing tours. Good to very good copy. (covers a bit rubbed).

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 56667

ACEH STATISTICS - Gewestelijke Maandstatistieken van de Handelsbeweging der buitenbezittingen...Gouvernement Atjeh en Onderhoorigheden. January 1920.
S.I. s.n., 1920 Small 8°, wraps., 29pp. Numerous tables & statistics. Each to be sold separately at:
Commodities import-& export figures as supplied by the Statistical bureau, Dept. of Agriculture.

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- GEMILANG 139: ATJIH! ATJEH! ATSJIN! (History, The War, The Acehnese and the Dutch (2014).
EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 11115

ADAM, L., De Autonomie van het Indonesische Dorp. Orig. thesis. [Leyden university].
Amersfoort, 1924 orig. wraps. (iv),160pp., extensive foot-notes, register.
The colonial indonesian village (Desa) and self-government. Scarce. (orig. upper wrp. replaced by a modern blank wrp. with a title-label.)

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 558

ADAM, S.D.B., Folk Tales from Indonesia. Fourth edition.
Djakarta, Djambatan, 1986 Small 8°., original illustrated wrappers. (vi), 117pp. Monochrome illustrations after photographs, small sketch maps in text illustrating geographical area of each tale, explanatory glossary english-indonesian arranged by taale at very end, publ. advert. on verso of final page.
Collection of english language indonesian folk tales from Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi, etc. Nice copy. (superficial crack to lower right corner of front cover).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 51105

ADAMS, G. Pharao, The Thailand to Burma Railway. Taiman Rensetsu Tensudo. built by P.O.W. in the second World War. An Illustrated History. Orig. edn.
S.I. [Kanchanaburi], s.n. [the museum], [circa], 1990 Small 8°., original limp wrappers, stapled. Title and an illustration of a part of the railway on front wrapper. 16pp. of english text with many text-ills. after original photographs, sketch-map with an illustration on verso of front wrapper, another full-page sketch-map, full-page kilometre chart with names of P.O.W. camps and other data, general data to Thailand on lower outer wrapper. WITH an illustrated four-fold. small 8°-sized museum flyer, printed recto/verso, and a coloured circular selfadhesive sticker, ř 9.5cm. from the Jeath War Museum, with coloured flags of Japan, England, Australia and Holland in centre, extra inserted.
A concise 'guide' to the Kanchanaburi museum, being a historical description. Very fine copy.

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- GEMILANG 127: Captives inJapanese Camps in Southeast Asia (2015).
EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 47675

ADAT LAW IN COLONIAL INDONESIA - Literatuurlijst voor het Adatrecht van Indonesië/A list of books and articles on the customary law of Indonesia/Liste de la Littérature concernant le droit coutumier de l'Indonésie. 2e druk. (2nd. edn.). [With the supplementary volume, period 1927-1 September 1937].
's-Gravenhage, Nijhoff/Customary Law Foundation, 1927-1938. 2 vols. large 8°. orig. printed wraps. (4), 452; 159pp. With suppl.notes and errata, texts in dutch, french and english.
A complet and important bibliography listing num. titles & artt. on colonial Indonesian customary law, "Adatrecht". Very good, unopened set.The supplementary volume is an offprint fr.:"Adatrechtbundel, XLI". Scarce.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 563

ADATRECHTBUNDELS -INDONESIAN CUSTOMARY LAW SERIES - ADATRECHTBUNDELS: bezorgd door de commissie voor het Adatrecht Uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde. [Royal dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology].
's-Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff, 1910- 1955 STOCKED: Volume 1 (1910)-4; 6; 8--45 (1955) (final volume, discontinued). 43 volumes (out of 45). ADDED: Register to vols. I-XXX (1929 (in one volume) and LIST OF LITERATURE 1927-1937 with supplement (2 vols.). together 49 volumes. Stout 8°. Original printed wrappers/clothbacked boards. Thousands of pages. Occasional fold. maps, footnotes/references, tables of contents.
Important dutch language survey of Customary or Adat Law as prectised in indigenous courts of the Dutch East Indies, being detailed guide-lines on behalf of anthropologists, notaries public, proscecutors, civil servants, lawyers, attorneys, religious advisors and judges before Indonesian indigenous courts of law. Supplies an ecellent insight into the practice and implementation of public customary law. A massive set, for the greater part bound in original boards, some volumes re-bound in modern clothbacked boards, partly unopened copies. NEAR COMPLETE SET. Rare. (lacks in this series volumes 5, 7).

EUR 6,500.00

Book nr.: 53335

ADIL, H., Australia's Relations with Indonesia, 1945-1962. Orig. thesis. [Leyden University].
S.L., 1973 orig. wraps. (xii), 200pp. Tables in text, extensive notes to chapters, bibliography, dutch summary, errata-slip loosely inserted. Fine copy.
Original doctoral dissertation in which Australia's foreign policy towards Indonesia is researched and explained, e.g. patterns of foreign policy, policy betore the Second Worldwar, problems, domestic different policies and periods after the first and second dutch military actions during the armed dutch-indonesian dispute. Very good copy.

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- GEMILANG 126: MERDEKA! The Dutch-Indonesian Dispute 1945-1950 (2015).
EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 567

ADIYANTO, A.S. (Preface), Nusa Tenggara Barat; Guide Book Lombok and Sumbawa. [Original edition].
S.I., Tourism Development Project, 1996 Small slim 8°., original coloured illustrated limp glossy wrappers. [110]pp. Many coloured illustrations of which full-page, 8 full-page coloured maps, table of contents.
English language tourist guide, promoting islands of Eastern Indonesia, Lombok, Bima, Sumbawa, which includes a general introduction, places to visit and a special chapter describing tourist attractions. Fine copy.

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- GEMILANG 184: Bali and Lombok (2014)
EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 50305

ADOLFS, G.P. (Illustrator), Soerabaia. [Eerste enige druk/first and only edition].
Amsterdam, Jacob van Campen, 1955 Small square 4°, orig. lettered white cloth, after a design by G.P. Adolfs.(48)pp. of text. Album with tog. 24 tipped-in plates, of which 1 in colour, each page with 2-3 large marginal ills., decorative title-page, all after drawings by G.P. ADOLFS.
A very nice account of Surabaya-Municipality as seen through the eyes of the artist. Nice copy. Scarce.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 568

ADRIAANSE, L., Sadrach's Kring.
Leiden, Donner, 1899 Later orig. clothbacked marbled boards. (xi), 444, (iv)pp. Frontispiece (portrait of Sadrach), 4 captioned monochrome portrraits on a plate (Sadrech with 3 followers), extending map of the region discussed (Java), with extensive legenda printed at tail, table of contents on IVpp., both at very end. R/M, p.118.
Sadrach (c. 1835-1924) was the leader of a religious movement in Central-Java, initially affiliated with the Dutch Missions Society (NGZV), but who went its own way in a nominal relationship with a branch of the Catholic Apostolic Church, following Sadarach's denunciation as a heretic in 1891. (ex-library copy, covers somewhat shaved especially on corners, large pink library label at tail of spine, ex-library stamp on ti.-p., some minimal marginal spotting, a dull copy).

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EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 51743

ADRIANI, N. & ALB. C. KRUYT, Platen en Kaarten behoorende bij "De Bare'e-sprekende Toradja's van Midden-Celebes. First edn.
Batavia, Landsdrukkerij, 1912 Folio, orig. clothbacked printed boards portfolio with ties preserved. 58 ills. after photographs on 26 unnumbered loose leaves with captions, mainly deptict Toraja-people, houses, dwellings and landscapes, num. mainly coloured ills. on 13 unnumbered leaves depict. Toraja decorative motives and decorations to a variety of utensils as baskets, sirih-bags, woodcarvings sword-grips, lances, pottery, houses, dance-masks, &c. , with concise captions, large coloured fold. map in two sheets, 1: 100.000, with legenda of basins Posso- and Laa-rivers with legenda, 1 smalled fold. map, 1: 300.000 depict. the populated coastal area of Tondjo.
Atlas-volume only to the 3 text-volumes of the first edition on the subject, published in 1912. A good to very good copy, very difficult to locate. Rare.

EUR 600.00

Book nr.: 43948

ADRIANI, N. & Alb.C. KRUYT, Geklopte boomschors als Kleedingstof op Midden-Celebes en hare geographische verspreiding in Indonesië. [Eerste druk/first edn]. With notes, register, supplement and corrections by J.D.E. Schmeltz."IAE", Bd. XIV/XVI.
Leiden, Brill, 1905 sm.4°. recent cloth, new endpapers, orig.printed wraps. bound-up. [1], 78pp. Num. col. ills. on 5 lithogr. plates o.o.t., 20 text-figs. and diagrammes, descr. to plates, register and suppl. notes by J.D.E. Schmelz.["Publicaties uit 's Rijks Ethnographisch Museum", Serie II, V°.4].
Frontisp. depicts 2 Kayan-Dayak, Upper Mahakam, working on barktree. On the production of clothing from bark-tree:"Tapa", amongst the Toraja of Central-Sulawesi, and the geogr. spread of this technique of clothing-production across colonial Indonesia (:Borneo, Kayan/Dusun Dayak), Sumatra (Batak of Mandailing), Enggano, Ceram, Kei-Island group, Babar, Leti, Kisar, Tanembar islands, Flores, Adonare, Solor, Timor, Roti and Savu, Semau Island (Kupang-Bay), &c...A very important study. Very good copy. Rare. (2pp. with marginal foxing).

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EUR 650.00

Book nr.: 39649

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