GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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BAAREN, TH. P. VAN, Wij Mensen. Religie en wereldbeschouwing bij schrftloze Volken.
Utrecht, 1950 Thin boards, pictorial dj., 263pp., ills. on 6 plates, bibliography to each chapter, description to ills. at end, registers, notes.
Religion & philosophy of life with so-called primitive-people (without written sources) all over the world: Asia (New Guinea, Melanesia & Micronesia), the Americas, Africa. Plates mainly depicting wood-carvings & masks. An interesting review.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 11418

BAAY, Reggie & P. VAN ZONNEVELD (Editors), Indisch-Nederlandse literatuur. Dertien bijdragen voor Rob Nieuwenhuys. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Utrecht, HES, 1988 Original limp wrappers. 311pp. Register, table of contents.
Dutch language collection of 13 scholarly literary essays analyzing and commenting Dutch East Indies literature. A tribute to Rob Nieuwenhuys. Contributions by G.C. Brantas, Peter van Zonneveld, G.J. Resink, Gerard Termorshuizen, Frits Jacquet, Jacquelne Bel, E.M. Beekman (in english), Kees Snoek, Liesbeth Dolk, Paperback edn. (as publ.). Fine copy.

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- GEMILANG 158: FACT AND FICTION ON INDONESIA: Juveniles, Diaries & Novels related to The Dutch East Indies (2015).
EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 52276

BACH, J.A. [oFFICER-AVIATOR rOYAL dUTCH nAVY eAST iNDIES], Complete Handleiding voor den Beginnenden Vlieger: Het vliegen in theorie en praktijk.. [Eerste druk; First edition].
S.I. [Soerabaia?], Motorsporten, [....], 31 Large 8°. Original cloth. Gilded covertitle in bold typography, gilded decorative publ. vignette with gilded vertical lining, gilded title on spine, all edges gilded. 128pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations and plates of aeroplanes, interiors of pilot/s cabins, instruments, numerous diagrams and graphs in text, some full-page tables, preface by Frans Habnit, table of contents.
Detailed dutch language manual, theory and practice, on behalf of apprentice [sports] aviators in the Netherlands East Indies, compiled by a former officer-aviator of the Royal Dutch Indies Navy Airforce. Very good copy in a fine binding. (corners of covers a bit bumped.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 53419

BACHTIAR, H. Tb. - A.M. DONNER (Prefaces), The Snellius-Expedition, Book 1 "Scientific Programmes. [First edition, thus].
[Jakarta], [Indonesian Institute of Science], 1983 8°. Original coloured publ. boards. Frontcover with monochrome research area map, repeated on f.e.p. with descriptive text. Covertitle in bold black type. [3], 102pp. Prefaces, 8 oceaneographic sketch-maps in text and full-page with keys and legenda, extending schedule, annexes A-H: Memorandum of understanding, members of the indonesian planning committee on Snellius-II expedition, members of the dutch planning committee, network plan, tentative sailing schedule, list of interested and involved indonesian authorities and institutions, list of dutch counterparts interested, list of abbreviations, table of contents, summary of programmes, comparative data in text, references. .
Engliwsh laguage programme of the Snellius II expedition 1984-1985, preceding actual research into the Geology and Oceanography of the Indonesian waters, memoranda, personalia both indonesian and dutch, schedules, planning and objectives, etc. Very fine copy.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 56414

BACHTIAR, Harsja W., Raden Saleh, Aristocrat, painter and Scientist; TAUFIK ABDULLAH, The making of a Schakel: Society Minangkabau Region in the late 19th century; SAMSURI, Pola-Pola Kalimat dasar bahasa Indonesia. Publ. in:"Indonesian Journal of Cultural Studies", Vol. VI-No. 3 (August 1976).
S.I. [Djakarta], Bhratara, 1976 Original printed limp wrappers. 79pp. Footnotes.
Three imkportant scholarly essays of which two in english and one in Bahasa Indonesia. Very good copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 52283

BACKER, D., Buigend Riet. Dagboek van een krijgsgevangene in Japan en Mantsjoerije 1944-1945. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam/Antwerpen, L.J. Veen, 1995 Original stiff coloured and partly illustrated wrappers, designed by Jos Peters. 239pp. Full-p. plates, incl. some portrs., and a drawing by Colonel Bozuwa, 2 full-p. sketch-maps, author's concise C.V. with a portr. printed on lower outer wrap.
Diary by a dutch P.O.W., as kept in various japanese camps on Java, Malaysia, Burma, Japan (incl. a vivid description of the sea-voyage) and finally in Manchuria, Mukden. After his liberation author was sent to Morotai, colonial Indonesia, where he took command of some 30.000 japanese P.O.W. Paperback edn. (as orig. publ.). Very fine copy. Interesting.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 48108

BACKER, J.D. (Preface), Rapport uit Porrong. Met het 8e Eskafron Vechtwagens naar Oost-Java. [Eerste enige druk; First and only edition].
[Wassenaar], s.n. [Privately published], [....], 1950 8°. Original cloth, coloured title-labels on front cover and spine. 184pp., 12 captioned coloured plates of which featuring tanks and armoured vehicles, many captioned monochrome illustrations on 23 plates, also featuring armored vehicles and portrais of batallion members killed in action, comparative tables and diagram in text, many monochrome cartoons in text, double page sketch-map of East Java, pull-out monochrome operational map, names and addresses of batallion members and civil emplyees, detailed chronology of events.
Privately published dutch language commemmorative volume in which military activities of the Dutch 8th Tank squadron, serving in Eastern-Java, period 17 Nov. 1947-6 July 1950, during the armed dutch-indonesian dispute 1945-1950. One of the few sources of information available about dutch cavalry operations in post-war Indonesia. Very good copy. Rare.

EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 54515

BACKER DIRKS, J.J. - W.J. COHEN STUART, De Nedelandsche Zeemagt, in hare verschillende tijdperken geschetst. Tweede herziene en vermeerderde druk [ 2nd. revised & enlarged e ition].
's-Gravenhage, Van Cleef, 1890- 1932 Stout 8°. 3 vols, vol. 1-2 bound in modern private cloth. Vol. 3 in original wrappers, frontcover title in bold monochrome type with over monochrome publ. device. The whole printed withing a black thin double-barred vertical typograpnhical line-border. (4), 832; 752; 103)pp. Register, references alph. list of personalia stated in text of volume 3, errata lve. loosely inserted, tables of contents. This set includes the supplementary volume published in 1932, e.g.: W.J. COHEN STUART, De Zeemacht in Nederlandsch-Indië, 1874-1888.
Complete set, with supplementary volume, of this dutch language detailed survey about the Dutch Navy and fleet, which includes extensive information about her exploits in the Western Hemisphere, which include information about naval operations, numbers of ships and crews, dutch marines, etc. The third volume, supplement, describes in extenso the position and exploits of the dutch nave in Dutch East Indian waters, including expeditions against Palembang war, the conquest of Java, the operations in the Moluccas, naval operations in Japanese waters). Good to very good set. Vol. 3 (supplement) untrimmed.

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 56405

BACKHOUSE, S. Singapore. [First edition].
Newton Abbott-Harrisburg, David & Charles/Stackpole, 1972 Cloth, silvered title on spine. 238pp., captioned monochrome illustrations on 8 photo plates, sketch-maps, plans & diagrams in text, Glossary Malay-English, extensive bibliography, appendices I-III (Feast Days, Offshore Islands and list of initials), index, table of contents.
English language survey of the Republic of Singapore: Physical environment, history, population, communications, government, public services, trade and industry, agriculture, society and social services. Very good copy, NO dustjacket.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 820

BADAN PERSATUAN RAJAT MALUKU SELATAN/RE[IN;OC PF TJE SPITJ ,P;ICCAS STICHTNG "DOOR DE EEUWEN TROUS" [DDET]: Archivalia STINGTING "DOOR DE EEUWEN TRIOUW": [Official Correspondence with the Representative Government of the South-Moluccan Republic, R.M.S.].
Rotterdam-Eindhoven-Doetinchem, Stichting "Door de Eeuwen Trouw" [DDET], circa 1967- 172 4°. Original boards office boards binder. Official internal correspondence by the Secretary Stichting "Door de Eeuwen Trouw" with as topic support to the Republic of the South Moluccas' Provisional Government, (R.M.S.), seated at Rotterdam. A rather large collection typed (carbon copies and official stationary) to the Provisional 'government, Dutch ministry of Welfare, Culture and Society, Notaries Public, Law yers and public services. Includes a number of manuscript letters on the topic by private supporters. WITH A collection of cyclostyled and printed Petitions, Open Letters, propaganda flyers of which in colour publised by this Non Government Organization (NGO), calling for attention and support of two minor ethnic groups in the Netherlands and abroad, fighting for freedom and sovereignty, e.g.: The South Moluccans and Papuans of West Irian/West New Guinea, loosely added.
Dutch language collection of archivalia by which background information is given by a dutch NGO 9Non Government Organization), the foundation "Door de Eeuwen Trous"(DDET) supporting the struggle for independence and sovereignty of two ethnic minority groups in The Netherlands: The South Moluccan Community and Papuans of West Irian, former dutch Territory of New Guinea. An interesting collection of unpublished historic material. Well preserved.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 53735

BADAN PERSATUAN [DIRECTORY OF THE PROVISIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE SOUTH MOLUCCAS, R.M.S.]: Nota van de Badan Persatuan. [eerste druk; First edition].
Den Haag, Badan Persatuan, [....], 1978 8°. Original cloghbacked wrappers. 96pp. Errata-slip loosely inserted.
Dutch language counter-plea compiled by the Provisional Government of the Republic of the South Moluccas, R.M.S. [Republik Maluku Selatan], being a detailed report in chronology, from 1947 onwards, about the national and international efforts for self-rule and sovereignty for the South Moluccas, including the ethnic Moluccan minority in the Netherlands. It opposes a statement by dutch Government of January 26, 1978, by which dutch government recognizes [socio-econojmic and cultural] problems of the ethnic Moluccan minority in the Netherlands, denying however the political objectives of the R.M.S. Very good copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 54875

BADINGS, A.H.L., Neues Wörterbuch der Deutschen, Malaischen und Holländischen Sprache. [Erste deutsche Auflage; First German edition].
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1890 sm. 8°.original cloth with cover title and publ. vignette. Hftitle (verso blank). [1] (preface), (viii), (list of abbrev.used), 415pp.
An important glossary german-low malay-dutch, compiled on behalf of german nationals settled in nineteenth century Dutch East Indies, which is preceded by an extensive explanation of the malay grammar. Good copy. Scarce. (hftitle and ti.-p. foxed, lower inner hinge skilfully reinforced).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 52225

BAILEY, David, Another Image Papua New Guinea. [First edition].
London, Mathews Miller Dunbar, 1975 Small 4°. Original cloth, gilded title on spine, dustjacket. 144pp. Author's preface, 130 plates in monochrome and colour after author's photographs on pp. 5-135 (versos blank), index (descriptions) to plates, decorative endpapers.
Striking pictures in monochrome and colour featuring images of male and female Highland Papuans, Eastern New Guinea (Papua New Guinea) in traditional tribal dress and adornment. Very fine copy.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 52326

BAJETTO, M. (text) & N. DRAKULIC (photos), Bali. 2nd edn.
's-Gravenhage-Bandung, Van Hoeve, 1952 Small 4°, cloth, large pict.col. & gilt tooled vignette on upper boards. Album with tog. 60 photgraphs on plates, with descr. text in dutch at end on [16]pp., pict. endpapers, also after photographs.
Photographs by Nikola Drakulic, depict. Balinese people during various ceremonies: dances, offerings, burial-sceneries,&c...Excellent field photos.

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EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 824

BAJETTO, M. (text) & N. DRAKULIC (photos), Bali. First edn.
's-Gravenhage-Bandung, Van Hoeve, 1951 Small 4°., orig. cloth, large pict.col. & gilt tooled vignette on front boards, dustjacket after a photograph by Nikola Drakulic. Album with tog. 60 photgraphs by Nikola Drakulic on plates, with descr. text in dutch at end on [16]pp., pict. endpapers, also after photographs.
Album with plates after excellent Photographs by Nikola Drakulic, depict. Balinese people during various ceremonies: dances, offerings, burial-sceneries,&c...Excellent field photos. Very good copy of the FIRST edition. Scarce. (copy presented to an unidentified teacher at a Bandung school, with many original signatures in ink on verso of title-page, dated Bandung, 20 Mei 1952).

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 44654

BAKE, R,.W.J.C., De Staathuishoudkunde van Xenophon, in zijn werkje: Over de inkomsten van Athene: toegepast op Nederlandsch Indië. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Zalt-Hommel, Joh. Noman en Zoon, 1851 Medium 8°. Original printed wrappers. Hftitle (verso blank). 26pp.
Dutch language critical essay in which the political economy of ancient Athens under Xenophon is explained and compared with the situation in 19th centuiry Netherlands Indies, including author's recommendations for improvement. Good untrimmed and partly unopened copy. (wrappers with a modern cloth strip. small library stamp on front cover, small white library label pasted on verso of front cover, signature by previous owner on french title).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 52857

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