GEMILANG 172: Asia, Southeastasia and the Far East (Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). (2015)

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A.M. [KAMP TEKENINGEN BANJOE BIROE]: Collectie van 10 getinte kamptekeningen van Banjoe Biroe, Japans concentratiekamp bij Ambarawa, Centraal Java [Collection of 10 occasionally tinted reproduction after original drawings, signed in print: A.M., of sceneries and views from Banjoe Biroe, near Ambarawa, Central-Java].
S.I., s.n. [circa], 2000 Tog. 10, of which 7 tinted and 3 monochrome reproductions after original drawings, each 300x200mm., incl. margins. Illustrates camp views and sceneries from Banjoe Biroe, a conglomerate of japanese concentration cemps for Women and small children, men and elder boys, located near Ambarawa, Central Java under japanese oppression 1942-1945. 5 reproductions initialled "A.M.", 4 titled, e.g.: "De Geitenwei Banjoe biroe, Banjoe Biroe, (2 different drawings), De Poort Banjoe BiroeHet Poortje", not initialled.
Reproductions in fine condition.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 55105

A.M., The Story of the Willow Patterned Plate. [Fifth printing].
London, Adam & Charles Black, 1975 Small 8°. Original white coloured boards. Covertitle in bold blue type with a blue coloured willow patterned plate at top, repeated on lower outer cover and on ti.-p. 39pp. Some blue coloured illustrations in text featuring details of willow-patterns, blue coloured willow patterned plates on endpapers. WITH a small original english language illustrated booksurvey looseli inserted.
Small sized english language expert essay about chinese blue willow patterned plates, inroduced into england approx. 1880, incl. i.a. notes about its craft and and meaning. Very fine copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 55403

S.L. ['s-Gravenhage] 1976 Small 8°, pict. wraps., 110pp., many text-ills. & plans of various cities, short glossary, register.
Tourist-guide supplying ample information on Java & Bali, S. & Western Sumatra, S. Sulawesie & description of the cities of Bangkok & Singapore. (wrs. somewh. scuffed, some dog-earing.)

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 535

A.R. [Indonesian-dutch fashion designer]. [Collection of 5 partly handcoloured fashion designs based upon indonesian tradition female dress].
S.I. ['s-Gravenhage], A.R., [circa], 1947 In-plano. Tog. 7 A-4 sized leaves (versos blank). Each leave with a separate partly handcolured fashion design, with descriptive text in Ms. in ink. 1:(Serimpi): Skirt in blue Faille woven with silver stripes and a plain panel in front. Silver girdle lined purple. Bodice in darker blue velvet with silver braiding. 2: Model Jenny III. 3: Koor III. 4: Caladium . Suggestions for application... 5: Malayu. Gown in burnt-orange chiffon. Skirt straitht, folded over at a side to form a "Plis Creux". Skirt draped over belt at side, to re-appear from under belt as a plaited scarf in crimson and mauve. Bodice folded over at side. Belt and Sandals crimson velvet. The Bodice should fit tightly enough to dispense with shoulder straps; 6: Slendang. Gown in powder-blue and pale yellow geogette. The bodice crosses at the back and is held in front by two Javanese ornaments in Chaste Silver. One end of the bodice passes under the girdle as a long pleated loose panel. Belt in yellow felted faced silver. 7: "Sunda". Gown in brown and gold metal cloth. Skirt straight, folded over in front and draped under belt. Belt gold; Belt and bodice faced with green. Pink Coatee in stiff transparant material (Organdie with metal thread, stiffened lace etc.) jade buttons.
An interesting convolut, vere well preserved. Designs look a bit old fashioned, even for the first few years after the end of the Second Worldwar. It might be due to the fact that desiners lived on Java under the Japanese oppression 1942-1945.

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 56177

AALDERS, A.A., Het toezicht op de lagere Gemeenschappen in Nederlandsch-Indië. Orig. thesis.
[Utrecht], 1941 orig. wraps., 92pp.
Author advocates decentralisation of lower courts (:i.a. Adat-lawcourts) in colonial Indonesia.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 536

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AARDWEG, H.P. VAN DEN, Generaal van Heutsz [de Held van Atjeh; subtitle on front wrapper]. Oorspronkelijk Jongensboek. Orig. edn.
[Helmond], [Drukkerij 'Helmond'], [....], 1941 large 8°. Orig. pict. col. front wrapper. Hftitle (verso blank), 121pp. Text-ills. after drawings by L. de Swart, table of contents, publ. list at very end. ["Nederlandse Jeugdbibliotheek"No. 113 A; Serie::"Hollandse Helden", No. 7]. BUUR, I.J., 0759.
Romanticised youth story describing youth and military career of J.B. Van Heutsz during the Aceh-war and his appointment to Governor-General of dutch colonial Indonesia. (cover at tail of spine gone over circa 5cm., some light dog-earing, all in all a good copy however).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 43964

AARSEN, J.L. (Chief editor), De Uitlaat. Personeelsorgaan van de N.V. Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij, vol. 9-no. 1 (Januari 1954) - 12 (Deceiber 1954); Vol. 19, no. 12, December 1966 [discontinued].
S.I., N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Paketvaart Maatschappij, 1954 & 1966 Small 4°. Original cloth, Gilded compaqny logo in centre of front cover, complet in 12 issues bound in one volume, original coloured wrappers bound-up. Lavishly illustrated. approx. 150pp.
ADDED: vol. 19-part 12 (December 1966, discontinued). Large oblong 8°., original limp glossy wrappers, stapled. Large coloured illustration of company's flag on both outer covers. 43pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations in text and full-page illustrating company's vessels and crews, some statistics in text, personalia printed inside front cover: jubilees, new emplyees and orbituaries
Complete volume for 1954) together witn final issue December 1966 of this dutch language magazine on behalf of employees of the Royal Dutch Packet Navigation Company, K.P.M. Discontinued after the company's merger with the K.J.C.P.L. (Koninklijke Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen or Royal Interocean Line). Good copy. (small stain near front outer hinge).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 55619

ABD. BIN NUH [ABDULLAH BIN NUH], Kamus Arab Kamus Arab Indonesia Inggeris. [First edition[, Introduced by Prof. Prijono, Mohd. Natsir, K.H. Masjkur, M. Rasjidi. [Cetakan ke-1; First edition].
S.I. [Djakarta], "Mutiara', [....], 1954 8°. Original clothbacked boards. gilded covertitles in bold gilded arabic and romanized script. 315pp. of arabic and romanized text, incl. introductory texts in Indonesian language. This FIRST edition NOT called-for in holdings Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
FIRST edition of this Arab-Indonesian-English dictionary. Still of great importance, rarely found. Good copy. (covers somewhat scuffed, inner hingers reinforced with narrow cloth strips).

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EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 55664

ABDULMADJID DJOJOADHININGRAT, Der Pressezustand in Indonesien. [Erste Auflage; First edition].
Haag, Perhompunan Indonesia, 1928 8°. Original printed wrappers, stapled. 23pp. Extensive footnotes/references.
German language critical assessment of freedom of the Press, or better the lack of it, in Dutch colonial Indonesia by the Secretary of the Indonesian-dutch nationalist student organization "Perhimpunan Indonesia". (Staples rusty with some offsetting, ow. a good and clean copy).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 55036

ABENDANON, E.C., Midden-Celebes-Expeditie. Geologische en Geographische doorkruisingen van Midden-Celebes1909-1910/Expédition de la Célèbes Centrale. Voyages Géologiques et Géographiques á travers la Célèbes Centrale 1909-1910.
Leiden/Leyde, E.J. Brill, 1916 Atlas-volume only. Imp. folio, orig. clothbacked boards portfolio, title in french on front boards. Title-leave printed in french and dutch (verso/recte blank), table of contents with key and legenda to maps with bi-lingual text, french/dutch, printed on a double-folio leave (verso blank). With tog. 16 very large fold. coloured lithographed maps, also with bi-lingual captions and occasional legenda, french/dutch, on 17 leaves (map no. 12 printed on 2 folded sheets), incl. a large panorama. Lithographed by Smulders & Co., The Hague.
Atlas-volume only, accompanying three text-volumes which are not present. Collaborating cartographers: J.J. Lefèvre, W. Schiebel, Published with cooperation of the Ministry of Colonial Affairs, by command of the Royal Dutch Geographical Society K.N.A.G. Atlas very difficult to locate nowadays. A good to very good copy, complete. (corners of portfolio somewhat bumped and damaged).

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EUR 650.00

Book nr.: 43979

ABEYASEKERE, Susan, One Hand Clapping: Indonesian Nationalists and the Dutch 1939-1942. [First edition].
Clayton, Monash University, 1976 Large 8°., original coloured decorative stiff wrappers. (viii), 95pp. Footnotes, glossary indonesian-english, table of contents. ["Monash Papers on Southeast Asia", No. 5].
English language assessment of a lesser known period in the history of Indonesian nationalism, the formation of GAPI group of (cooperating indonesian nationalists), their efforts to extract [political] concessions from the Dutch in the last years before the outbreak of the Pacific war in 1941, when the international political situation was on edge. Very good copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 52262

ABINENO, J.L. Surat Filipi. Tafsiran Alkitab. [Cetakan pertama; First edition[].
Djakarta, Badan Penerbit Kristen, 1967 Medium 8°. Original coloured publ. wrappers. Covertitle in bold monochrome type. 130pp. References, preface, publ. serial list printed on verso of preface, table of contents.
Indonesian language exegesis of the Paulus epistle to the Philippensians, edited and translated on behalf of indonesian students missiology and theollogy. Published by command of the Indonesian Bible Society. Good copy. (marginal staining on verso of front cover, a little bit dog-eared).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 56698

ABINENO, J.L.CH., Unsur-Unsur Liturgia Jang dipakai oleh Geredja-Geredja di Indonesia. [First edition].
Djakarta, Badan Penerbitan Kristen, 1966 8°. Original wrappers. Covertitle in bold black type. 119pp. Extensive footnotes/references, table of conents.
Indonesian language theoloogical investigation into he general liturgy of the Indonesian Protestant church. (contents a bit yellowing, NO signs of brittleness however).

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 55859

ABINENO, J.L.Ch., Liturgische vormen en patronen in de Evangelische Kerk op Timor (:Liturgical Forms and Patterns in the Evangelical Church in Timor). Original dissertation Utrecht University.
's-Gravenhage, 1956 Large 8°. Original limp publ. wrappers. Covertitle in bold monochrome type. 155pp. Extensive references, summaries in english, habasa indonesia and dutch presented by chapters, list of literature consulted, table of contents.
Dutch language original dissertation, summarized in english, dutch and bahasa indonesia, in which promovendus attempts to give a historical description and critical evaluation of the liturgical life of one of the churches in Indonesia, e.g. of the Evangelical Church in Timor. Liturgical forms are conditioned by the underlying liturgical patterns. Promovendus suggests that a liturgical renewal should primarily be a re-definition of the determinative thought-patterns, rather than an incidental re-formation. Preceded by an outline of the liturgical history of the Timor church. Good copy. (a little bit dog-eared and used, rust offsetting caused by a paperclip visible at top margin of front cover, contents clean).

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- GEMILANG 176: The Lesser Sunda Islands (Flores, Sumba, Sumbawa, Timor) (2014).
EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 56705

ABKHAZI, Peggy - S.W. JACKMAN (editor), "Enemy Subject". Life in a Japanese Internment Camp 1943-45. First U.K. edition.
Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1995 Original glossy limp wrappers. Covertitle with some coloured illustrations. 143pp. Monochrome frontispiece (portrait), captioned monochrome illustrations on 4 plates after author's drawings illustrating Camp sceneries and premises, both exterior and interior, appendix (Proclamations Japanese to keep order; Gendarmerie Control, Ban Property Transfer), table of contents, synopsis printed on lower outer cover, table of contents.
In defiance of Japanese orders author kept a detailed journal of camp life (in Japan occupied China, Shanghai). A true and authentic life story. Paperback edn. (as publ.). Very fine copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 53272

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